Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hey Ya!
I had finished my national examination, yo!
And, well, maybe it's actually normal thing for a student-who-is-not-yet-study like me, i'm galau now. 

Yes. I'm thinking about my final scores and my future high school. I do really want to continue my study here. It's a high reputation school on Yogyakarta, well, maybe in Java, or maybe more. My family really supports me. And that's make me more galau!

How if I make them disapointed?

How if I can't continue my study there?


 Well, but, at least, I've done my best! And I'd believe God will make all the rest perfect.
Even that galau still flashed in my head, I can do nothing except pray and pray. 

Lord, I leave it to you. 

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