Thursday, May 5, 2011


I think I'm gonna cry. I do really angry with you! I DO!
But I can't say it. And my cell phone was die. 
I mean, the battery is low. I can share it to no one. 
That really an ASDFGHJKL thing! AAAARGH
The problem? Oh, just a simple thing. My friend didn't contact me that they'll had a barbeque event at my friend's house. First, it's okay. But when I heard that someone talked about  their disagreement about our field trip at that moment, I'm getting angry.
Why no one spoke when we still discuss it? Why they talk behind me. And doesn't say anything?
I really hate that! How could they do it to me--to us! 
And more, I'm very disappointed because my closest friend did not say anything about the event. That really-really makes me wanna cry. 
Am I really not that important, eh? And am I too force you to accept my suggestion? I'm sorry if that so. I'm sorry to makes you talk about OUR agreement behind my back. I do apologize. 
And what should I do now? Crying silently? Eh? 
I always laugh, I know. I rarely angry, I know that thing too, but I have a feelings to. I do! I can angry, I can cry. I'm not a happy-machine-girl!
 Lol. Even I'm angry, when I see this pic, I'll always laugh.

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  1. I've been there too >.<
    reading your post do remind me to my bad experience with my best best best fren ever =( I felt like I was dumped, no one would understand.

    I do cried over it too, but it's ok dear. at least u know who is the true fren =)

    stay strong! and you can always stop by my site once u feel bad =D


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