Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Usual just, can?

BAHAHA, ngocol banget sebenernya judul diatas. Well, actually what I meant from the title above is: Biasa aja, bisa
Yes, it's meksa
In few days, I really face a big reallty that lot of my friends (usually teenager, or 'almost' teenager--if you know what I mean) have an extraordinary expression or too much expression for a few things, I call it 'lebay' for some acute patients (?), but, actually I don't really care about it, 

BUT IF they're start to blabbing around with rude words about person that they hate, or person that hurt them--I really dislike their act. It's just pollute my mind or maybe someone else who also read it. 

If they still use words that are acceptable, I don't have a problem with that. In fact, if they use a great way to channel the emotion into words, use diction or some of descriptions or maybe humor, I'll love it! 

Lot of them use, err, I call it frontal words, such an use of animal or, enn,  swearing everywhere (and funny, sometimes they use ':)' after they swears people they hate) Well, sometimes I did it--no, no, i didn't use animal or swearing words--but I find them everywhere. EVEN TWITTER IS NOT SAVE ANYMORE WITH THE SPREADING OF GALAUERS-LANGUAGE-PEOPLE--ehem. 

Well, I also don't like the 'too-much-expression' to describe their hurts because of love. I know it'll be very hard to accept, broken heart it's not a simple thing in life, but, please, use a simple words, I mean, lot of them use a complicate words that makes my mind can't understand and have a weird response of their words.


Sometimes it's funny, and makes me laugh, but sometimes it's very disturbing. Well, because I don't want to disturb people if I'm in a 'galau' mode (?), I sometimes use plurk, where nobody is recognize me. So I can talk what ever I want, and because it's not a very active social media, I tought nobody will be disturbed. 

I just want to share. I'm not hate you guys, but, well, just feel a little disturbed. I don't forbid you to express your emotion, I just suggest you to express your emotions in a good sentences and with a good way

Don't you care about this post if you feel you don't like my opinion. Haha, I'm just sharing :D


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