Sunday, March 18, 2012

About this cute addorable girl

It's kinda stupid for me when I realized I never describing my lovely best friend before.

So, here it is.
Her name is Junita Arima Putri, called Rima.
Born on June 18, 1996

It's all begin in Junior High. Well, again, thanks to SMP Negeri 15.
I always, again and again and super again, have a lot of fight with her in the first semester on 7th grade. 
I don't know how, maybe because of our stupidnest, we can be a bestfriend.

Same with me, she is Christian - Protestant. And she (somehow) has same way of thinking with me. 
We always together, school, retreat, hang out--we always together, please take a look on those picture below. 

See how we always have some way to having fun? 

She is super, addorable :)

Now, we are in different school. No worries, God has placed us in the best school for us.
She now study in BOPKRI I Senior High (I heard she has a good grades, there)

I know, she always try to do the best for her family, friends, even school.

Hey, Rima, I don't really care for your new friends, school, all of your new societies and the fact that we can't stick together just like yesterdays.
I know you're strong enough, you're all good for me.
I don't really care for all of negative statement between us, all I know is;

 You're the best bestfriend I ever had.

ThankYou, Rima 

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