Friday, June 29, 2012

Still can't decide.

2 x 24 hours again and I'll leave Jogja.

Should I go? I know it's just for ten days. But how about the 2 events which are coming in the same days when i'm leaving?

"Sha, nanti ada yang kangen,"
Then I look at you. You look at me slightly then do nothing. Oh geez, whats up with you? Why are you keep attacking me like hell? Gosh, I don't like you, at all. So don't act like I do. I meant like i like you in that way.

We will work together for three months. And you are the one who make this akward feeling.

YES! I blame you!

I blame you because I've heard your attacking words. You're trying to bring  me down, my feelings down. And that is ridiculous. Look. You're trying to bring  me down - from what? Huh?

Now, I'm laughing.

But still, even I want to move far, far, far away from you, should I leave?

Dad why you have to make me decide? :(

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