Saturday, August 31, 2013

August: The "..for the first time" month.

Thank God I made it until August!

August was pretty rough.

I just came and found some difficulties to get in to school because of the past issues with (now ex-) host mother. I was so shy and culturally shocked. Thankfully I made it. I found new friends, enter a really different school, watch football for the first time, eating mexican food and hawaiian food for the first time, join a methodist church for the first time, watch a country concert for the first time, having fun with American kids for the first time, enter the Capitol building for the first time (woohoo!), and having a Pakistani younger sister for the first time.

August was the month of the "first times", but I am sure, this won't be the last month I will have "the first time" experience. September, hopefully I will have a blast! :)

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