Saturday, January 18, 2014

Do you ever think?

Part 1

This is what I've been thinking lately. How if there is someone out there who really cares about you, who think about you all the time and secretly talking about you to all of his friend.

Isn't cute?

It's like a dream comes true I guess. However, actually that kind of dream already come true for some people when they don't even realize it. They are too busy to cares about someone else, think about someone else all the time and secretly talking about that someone to all of their friend. Isn't sad? You sometimes are too busy thinking that you are the loneliest person in the world when you are actually not. You are just too busy thinking about how worst it is for being you; for being single.

Listen, do you ever think about someone else's feeling when you keep updating status in the social media about how desperate you are? How they are actually hurt because you are hurting. How they actually sad because you are sad. How they can only watching you watching someone else who might not even watch you back. Isn't it sad though?

Sometimes you are just too selfish to not only think about yourself. 

Look around. Be more sensitive. 

photo credit: weheartit

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