Thursday, August 8, 2013

I am leaving :)

 July 25, 2013

Thank you for being super sweet guys. 

Thank you AFS-Jogja! Salma, Mira, Ayu, Ghinaa, Ryan! 

Thank you Padmanaba; Padmanaba'69 dan Padmanaba'70, Spa69hetti, Bhayangkara Padmanaba '69, KPK-PSKP, TimSut Pentas Besar Jubah Macan Romeo  Juliet 2013, Sadyapaka XA (l'arc en chiels), MPK Padmanaba 2013/2014 dan guru-guru semuanya :)

Thank you Komisi Remaja GKI Gejayan!

Thank you Mama, Papa, Mas Bintang, Mbak Tessa dan Mbak Lisa  

and the biggest one,

Thankyou Lord! You are AWESOME!

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