Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Journey Start.

I was 16. Never even dream of being away from my country, Indonesia, for a solid year.

Yeah, surprisingly I joined exchange student-family that as far until now is the biggest achievement in my life.

I am proudly say that I am Youth Exchange Study (YES) - Kennedy - Lugar student to United States of America in 2013 - 2014!

July, 25, 2014, I left my hometown, Yogyakarta to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I left all of my friends, my family, my school, --basically my everything to got to the pre-departure orientation before--just like the name--I arrive at the United States of America.

There are so many things happened in the orientation. Well, this time I face myself as an introvert-cry baby who has a low self-esteem that made it hard to her to made friends because she thinks that she was not as great as everyone else.

Which is stupid. 

But I actually made some good friends too, though. Thankfully I was not that bad. Phew.

So in order to build a better understanding of moslem dominant countries and United States of America which is the most terrorism activity has been targeted, we carry a mission to build a friendly relationship with American Citizens so we can erase the stereotype that not all of the people who come from a Moslem dominant-country is a terrorist and also to share the beautiful culture of INDONESIA! . --I just wrote an one-paragraph sentence, awesome. 

Orientasi Nasional 2013

Farewell Party 2013

Another surprise, I was one of the group leaders. I have the responsibility to make people in my group arrived safely in the United States. I almost explode that time. I mean, it's like doing a brain surgery. How if we ended up in Guatemala or Cuba or, I don't know, Zimbabwe?

But thankfully, we arrived at Dulles Airport, Washington DC, safely. Without no one missing. Holy gracias!

I met a lot--Really like A LOT of people around the world in the orientation. It's just a mind-blowing that I reached a conclusion that world is really are not that big. Look how amazing you can found people from more than 40 countries in one room. I was 16, and this is the one of the most amazing part of my life, the other one is to meet a completely stranger American who can fluently speak Bahasa Indonesia. 

All my back are packed.

YES stuff

North West Services Group :)

Orientation in my sight (:

I am going to West Virginia, and soon I will meet soon-to-be the one of the greatest person in the world, Mehak Rathore from Pakistan.

I was 16. I was excited, yet I was scared, but this exchange year, has just begun.

YES Exchange Student 2013/2014

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