Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do you ever think?

Part 2. 

Do you ever think that how you are so different with others?

It is wrong to comparing yourself with others, I know, but don't worry, I am not comparing myself with others to find my weakness--at least not this time.

I compared myself with one of the alumni of my exchange program. I was surprisingly surprised! I'm surprised with the fact that I am really different with this person. I am not calm at all and I am not that well behaved. It doesn't mean that I'm wild or something. It is just me being me. It is just I can't write poem in every post I make in my blog. I just can't being serious in a long period. I just can't being super smart and diligent and has that lot of leadership in mind. I just can't becoming like her.

Do you ever think that you are that different with others and you really can't compare yourself with anyone else? Because you are simply different. For example, my story and my alumni is really different. If it's a play, then mine will has comedy as a genre and hers will has tragedy as a genre. Like, it is seriously different that you can't compare it in any ways. It is just different.

You are different with others. You are born to be special. You are special. 

We are special. 

So we should stop comparing ourselves with others--and make the best special version of ourselves. If my life is a comedy story, then God, please make it so funny that everyone who watch it peed their pants and smiling in the end.

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