Monday, April 28, 2014

Fix It or Deal With It

We are human, we made mistakes.
Unfortunately, there are no way we can just redo our mistakes and make it disappears.
We somehow have to erase it, somehow fix it.
However, Ms. Hackney's eraser is not big enough,
We need something bigger,
Something like "Apologizing"

I somehow made a lot of mistakes these days. Because I am very clumsy, awkward, careless and blunt in the same time. The world is just spinning faster and I am left behind--making me lost in a "I don't know what to do," horizon. I can only say sorry, I didn't meant to ...

There's one particular person/people in my life should know how to this too; to say sorry, to try to clean up his/her/their mess.

Not just run away,

Not just become a coward.

I am here--We are here, waiting for you to apologize. We are waiting for you to truly promise that you won't do the same mistakes over and over again, to not to lie ever in your life again. Can't you see how you already ruin your own life? You suck your own happiness, you threw all the trust that we already gave to you?

I am angry.

We are angry.

Only God knows where in the world are you--and I hope that means He can somehow finds you and fix you.

I just want to warn you though; previously you already threw all of the chances that God had given to you to change. This time, it might be hard. Way harder than before.

It's all because He loves you. 

We love you.

Comeback--and stop being a pain in the ass.

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