Friday, April 25, 2014

Watching the Clock

I am watching my calendar; freakin 56 days left.
In D-58, I got a letter from my organization. Since Mehak already got hers, so I'm thinking it might be my flight itinerary. Well, I was wrong.

It was a letter.

From The Past Me addressed to The Future Me.

Written in Tarara Room, in DC, I guess.

Hurry, I closed the letter. Gosh, they shouldn't send me this stuff until, at least, May. This is like midst of April! The memories of every words in the letter flashing back one by one. Fortunately, I can't remember all of them. It is good--since I really want to see things that has been changed in the past ten months. I'm pretty sure it will leads me for the better--but we never knew.

I am a very personal person--and a very touchy (aka a crybaby, lol). I will probably cry if I read the letter.

I don't want to cry.

It is not the time yet.

So just like my Host-Dad, Keith, said, I hurry closed the letter and secure it with a scotch tape. I will probably read it in my graduation day, or sometimes in May.

Well, for now, happy waiting, Old Me.

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