Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time Lapse

I think I've jump to another planet and come back just like that.

I left only for a year and everything suddenly has changed. I mean, it's not because I left so the time change, but when I returned, I become more aware of every single differences that happened around me.

For instance, that girl who I knew from Children choir when I'm still in fourth grade (and she's in second grade) of Elementary school, I guess, is now a highschooler. Yes, with that grey skirt and OSIS shirt. SMA. Plus, she even have a boyfriend!

When did all of this happened?

Even now, I'm 18! Bloody eighteen! Two of my siblings, who I thought will always become a cool people with that fancy High School uniform, are now married! And one of them, who I thought will always become a fancy college girl with all of her achievements is now engaged! The most tomboy girl in the family is getting married!

I thought I will always use that red and white uniform. Playing with my classmates. Struggling just because of a homework or comparing who has more popularity at school.

But I'm wrong.

Here I'm struggling to manage my daily budget, what vegetables to buy this week, or what fruits should I buy this season; when to clean the fridge and when to clean the house. When to study,when to throw all of this school crap into the trash and sleep. What to learn, what to pray, what to cook, when to clean, when to eat, who to take care of, who should I be friends with, who I should share my story with--It's all mixed into a whole perfect life of an adult that I'm dealing with in my senior year of high school.

Ah, don't pity me. I don't need any of those non-sense and all of those "Semangat ya," things. Those are unreal, doesn't really affect much.(However, I do appreciate with all my heart for everyone who writes me any notes to just to erase every stress I had.--Yes, I'm still human, and homo sapiens need each other aren't we? Meanwhile, in the same time we know that saying those stuff doesn't really affect much right? Plus, we now out there some people just try to search attention when they write stuff to get people's simphaty.)

I'm grateful though.
That life giving me this chance of realizing stuff that other people don't.

Man, I've seen the world. And one of the most amazing things I learned is time. Time and life, a two powerful things provided by God. Powerful enough to change someone life just like that.


And time change, again; just like that.

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