Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Heal the World

I like the meaning of colors in the flag of Pakistan. No, in fact, I love the meaning of those colors. 

"Sasha, you know we hang the flag from left to right, right? Well, the green part of the flag (right) wouldn't stand without the white part of the flag (left); the majority are nothing without the minority." -Mehak Rathore, my Pakistani sister.

Beyond all misconceptions, deep down inside, we're actually want to make a peaceful world for all of us, don't we?

Recently I watched a movie with my friends; the title is PK (peekhay). It's Indian movie who restored my faith in humanity. It reminds us again, that as human, we are the one who creates the word "religion". There are no such thing like the god of the Christians, or the god of the Hindus, or the god of the Moslems, etc. In the end, we are worshiping the same God; God who created all of us. 

With all of my respects, as living things with religions--the one who believe in God, aren't we supposed to be the one who pursue love and peace in the world? Our religions thought us so right? Then why we waste our time arguing about which religion is right and which one is wrong and leaving the basic concept about building a peaceful world for all of us?
Why don't we use our time to respect each other and actually hand to hand to make the world a better place? 
Rather than consuming our time and money on war and terror, why don't we use it to give some foods and shelter for our brothers and sisters who are hungry and lonely out there? 
Rather than searching for differences, why don't we open our eyes for the common concept of peace and happines?
How could we did a pure evil actions based on a pure thought of love and inner peace?

Dear brothers and sisters, it's about time for us to open our eyes. The world need us--we need each other to make a balance and peaceful world. All the things that make us different doesn't matter. The only one that matter is our heart.

Let's heal the world.

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