Saturday, April 25, 2015

Selepas GR.

Should we actually wait until we're good enough to be accepted, or we should've look for someone to accept us for who we actually are? 
Both sound right for me,
--and confusing as well.
In just one night, I found out that my world is not only with this people.
I thought I like these guys. Turns out I don't know whether I'm choosing to stay, or I actually just have no place but to be with them.

I found these other comunity, that in just a matter of hours, makes me very comfortable. Makes my heart pound because of my excitement. I like to be around these people. 

I don't know. Should I just wait for you here, or should I leave and look for a new start for myself? You wouldn't care anyway, don't you?

I don't know. Are leaving for a new comunity is more cruel than leaving because you don't have time anymore?

I don't know. Should I wait for you, again, until God knows when, or actually try to moving on with my life?

Should I wait 'till it gets better; or should I leave for the better?

I don't know.


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